We’re Back!

After some time debating how to revitalise the website, we’ve expanded to YouTube. 
Reviews will now take place in video form and we shall be handpicking the best music from genres of every diversity to bring you new, talented artists from every corner of the globe.

This means submissions are open again, so please do send your tracks to sunstockmusic@gmail.com.

However, as you can imagine, video-making is a timely process, as is listening to all the music that gets sent in. So please be patient, if you don’t receive a reply straight away, we may still have listened to your tracks, we just haven’t got around to doing anything with it yet. 

Albums, EPs, tracks or videos that don’t make it to a video review may still be featured in our upcoming podcasts. We aim to promote everything we can. Supporting the music or new and undiscovered talent is our utmost priority.

To stay in the loop, subscribe to our new YouTube channel, and be sure to keep up to date on Twitter and Facebook.

We’re excited to be back, and we hope you are too!


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