Indie Artist Spotlight – December 3rd 2014 (pop)

It’s December! Advent has begun! In a couple of week’s time we’ll be introducing some Christmas tunes to the podcast so if you’ve got anything to send in, send it now.
Right, it’s pop(ish) week this week. I love every single track on this podcast, I think it’s my favourite so far. Thank you to all the amazing musicians who keep sending in their tracks. You’re all incredible talented!
Okay. Here it is, enjoy.

1) The Duvets – Strike Three
The Duvets was conceived when three school friends from Hemel Hempstead in Hertfordshire – Adam Edgeworth, Craig Watts and Ian Patrick – decided to form a band. Focusing their attention on the local pubs in their area, the band quickly garnered a reputation for their energetic live performances and unique chemistry.

Fast forward several years, and old friend Kyle Belcher was brought in to complete the current line-up in early 2014. Following a couple of months of writing and rehearsing, the band premiered their brand new original material at the ‘Be Somebody’ competition hosted by StudioVelopment which saw them successfully through to the semi-finals.

Now with several subsequent gigs under their belt, The Duvets released their debut EP in November and are continuing to promote their music on the live circuit. Watch this space!


2) Concrete Therapy – Now is Good
Concrete Therapy is a reggae fusion band that knows no bounds in terms of musical genre, and will surely deliver words of self-empowerment to each member of its audience. Being tightly bonded to reggae does not stop this group from dipping into other styles that fall under the categories of psychedelic and hard rock, country, hip-hop, funk and blues.
3) Chloe Collins – Enough
Chloe is a 14 year old singer songwriter from New York State.
She started playing her “Little Martin” guitar at age 8 and
influenced by Miley Cyrus & Taylor Swift, she started writing tunes.

4) Deadwood Floats – Three Years
“Sometimes music is just beautiful. No matter how many scrapes, stomps and shouts Deadwood Floats weave into their songs, the most striking aspects are their subtle mastery of the arrangement and a knack for melody that pierces even at a whisper.”
~Chris DeVille, formerly Columbus Alive

5) The Curious Incident – Might As Well Swim
The Curious Incident tastes like Jerk Chicken and Lemonade and makes your troubles melt away.
For fans of: RHCP, Sting, Arctic Monkeys, Bruno Mars, hot summer days and cold winter nights.

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