The Indie Artist Spotlight – September 15th 2014

It’s pop week! We’ve got some familiar faces returning for this week’s show plus some new and exciting material. There’s some solid stuff here for you today. I really mean it when I say it just keeps getting better!

1) The Curious Incident – Might As Well Swim
‘The Curious Incident is the musical expression of that feeling you get in your stomach in a descending lift.There is a little RHCP, a little Sting, a little One Republic and a little Bruno Mars thrown in there but hey, what do we know? You tell us!
Cavey, Dan, Diaz, Mirko’

2) Hannah Scott – The Space In Between

Much of the inspiration behind Hannah Scott’s music can be found in her affinity with Italy. A year living and working in Tuscany in her late teens provided the backdrop to her early work. She subsequently spent nine months travelling back and forth to the hilltop villages of Liguria to record her well-received EP Still Static. Now she has finally found her musical home at Stefano Della Casa’s London-based label, Casa Music – or, as she puts it, her “own little corner of Italy”. 

3) Eric Lilavois – The God In Our Glass

“The God In Our Glass” is a tribute to Eric’s close friend of over 20 years, Ryan Hoherd. “When you lose someone that suddenly, that close, you start thinking about all the missed calls, all the times you couldn’t make this thing or that. Suddenly it’s not, what would I do for another 5 years with this person, it’s what would I do for just one more hour.”

Follow Eric on Social Media:
Twitter/Instagram : @ericlilavois
Facebook: Eric Lilavois

4) Lewis Hurrell – Highs And Lows
Lewis Hurrell is an American songwriter/producer from Sebastopol, California. Lewis released his first solo single called “Highs and Lows” in early 2013, the track was mixed by Christophe Bride of Oxygene Studios and mastered at Abbey Road in London, His latest single “Ordinary Life” was entirely self produced from a small bedroom studio just south of London, the song has similarities to Bastille and Imagine Dragons and can be best described as an epic synth ballad with some definite winks towards the 80’s.


5) Mihra – Fantastic Game

Mihra a four piece from Melbourne, Adventus is their debut.

Produced by Wigwam Records 2014


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