The Indie Artist Spotlight – August 4th 2014

This week we’ve got some big bands for you. There’s some heavy rock, indie rock, rockabilly and prog rock. It’s all about the rock! Check it out.

1) 0:00 – 3:30
Recruits – Right Words
Recruits are a newly formed alternative rock band from the North Lincolnshire/Humberside area. The band started writing original material in April and released their debut single Right Words on the 11th May 2014, which received a very positive reception from listeners.

2) 3:30 – 8:44
Maestronomics – Staples Paper
Maestronomics is a two piece band comprised of lifelong musicians 6 (vocals, guitar and bass) and OSJ (drums and percussion). Together they blend their countless musical influences to make songs that are always new and unheard.

3) 8:44 – 10:40
Space4Lease – Space Instructor 
‘Lyrically moving, Musically eclectic’
These guys somehow mange to fill their sound with so much suspense and eeriness, and still create a chill yet somewhat groovy feel.

4) 10:40 – 13:56
Another Man’s Poison – Rockabilly Rascals
An alternative rock/punk band from North East Lincolnshire with a diversity of influences ranging from grunge to country to rock to punk!
5) 13:56 – end
Disappearer – Forget Me Pills

A portuguese multi-instrumentalist-composer from Lisbon, who likes music more than playing those damn instruments…


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