And The Giraffe ~ Creature Collector, 6 track EP

And The Giraffe are a Nashville based band, describing themselves as ‘dreamy-folk’. I’d say they definitely lean towards the dreamy side, with their overwhelming soundscapes and beautifully soft vocals. 

Isn’t their album art just stunning?

Their 30 minute EP Creature Collector was recorded way back in 2012 and we hadn’t heard anything from them since then, until a couple of tracks were uploaded to their Soundcloud just days ago. Word is out that they’ve got a full album due to be released later on this year. On listening to this EP, I’m certainly ready to hear a full record!

They’ve got their traditional instruments, acoustic guitar, a bit of banjo, but they’re using it in such a unique way. The whole record has got such a big feel. Massively reverberated drums create a huge stadium feel. There’s evidence of their Nashville background poking through in places, but their dynamics, their synths and their dramatic build ups hide it. And I’ve gotta say, it’s done very, very well.

Towards the end of the first track of the EP, ‘Find My Name in The Sun’ is the line, ‘gather stargazers, curious wanderers, on the other side’ and immediately the song generates an electricity of chaos and it really makes me feel like I’m up there with the stars. It’s just noise. But it’s bloody beautiful. And it’s so well segued into the next track which introduces a delicate melody on the electric guitars and a haunting build up of sounds.

The drums and percussion certainly play a huge part in this band’s sound as is further proven in track number two: ‘Of The Moment’ and their long instrumentals containing various sounds both acoustic and sampled continue the futuristic, spacey, starry feel that was created in the previous track.

‘Sorry’, the third track on the album, is carried by such a fantastic bass line which reflects the solemnity of the title so well. Then a sudden chorus of vocals brings goosebumps. Another incredible build up (this seems to be the band’s speciality) and a call and answer bass line. This track is truly brilliant.
And all of a sudden we’re dropped into such a dramatic soundscape, samples surround us (wear headphones, you won’t regret it), we’ve got sirens and chaos and a man speaking of disaster.
The song is then mixed into the next track. Brilliant.

The next three tracks – ‘The Silent’ ‘Take Care’ and ‘Enough is Enough’ – are more of the same brilliance. They feature samples of birdsong, incredibly well crafted lyrics, and somehow they manage to use a hell of a lot of distortion and make it sound so elegant.

From these tracks forward the EP develops a very slow and solemn feel which is great, but there’s only so much solemnity a girl can take ya know? No need to fret though, the record is just long enough for it to come together well, but just short enough for it to avoid dragging. Any longer and the album would have needed a bit of a pick-me-up track, which ‘Take Care’ does almost manage.

And The Giraffe have got a fantastic sound (and a fantastic name). This EP is truly original, a fusion of genres that’s really quite difficult to describe. Which is why I massively recommend buying the EP. It’s available for purchase on their website.

Find them on twitter
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We look forward to hearing their new album
Late 2014

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